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About the Output Data tool:

The Output Data tool is used to write the results of an analysis to a database or file format.

See Supported Databases and Supported File Formats for the list of databases and file formats supported by Alteryx.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag an Output Data tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.

  2. Select the tool and use the Configuration window on the left to configure it in one of the following ways:

Configuration Properties:

Depending on the file format type or database connection, the configuration and output options will vary. Additional options include the following:

Take File Name From Field: When this box is checked, a separate file will be written out for each value of a particular field. Additionally you can chose to:

Append Suffix to File/Table Name: Appends the value of the selected field name to the end of the specified table name.

Prepend Prefix to File/Table Name: Prepends the value of the selected field name to the beginning of the specified table name.

Change File Name: Changes the file name to the value of the selected field name.

Change Entire File Path: Changes to the file name to what is in the field name. The field name MUST contain a full path, otherwise you will receive an error similar to: ● Output (8): Open() failed for : invalid filename extension

Note: This option could potentially overwrite an existing file, if one exists in the full path directory.

Note: For best performance and data integrity, it is recommended that all inputs and outputs in an active Alteryx workflow not be open elsewhere.

Click Apply to have the configurations accepted.


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