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Append Fields

The Append Fields tool will Append the fields of one small input (Source) to every record of another larger input (Target). The result is a Cartesian Join where all records from both inputs are compared.

Configuration Properties

The Append Fields tool accepts 2 inputs, Target and Source. Ensure the Source side (S input) of the tool contains FEWER records than the Target (T input).

  1. Use the Select grid to choose which fields will come through

  2. Warn/Error on Too Many Records Being Generated. Since the Append Fields tool is performing a Cartesian join, the user can unintentionally produce an excessive amount of records.

The user can configure warnings or errors to be reported to ensure too many records are not produced. Choices include:

Example: Target (T) input contains: 16 records with 5 data fields; Source (S) input contains 5 records with 3 fields. The output generated from the Append Fields contains 80 records with 8 fields

Click Apply to have the configurations accepted.

For information regarding Input, Output, Annotation and Error Properties, see Tool Properties.

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