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Interface Tools

Interface tools are used to author apps and macros.  These tools make it easy to design user interface elements and update workflow tools at runtime based on user specifications.


Interface tools have their own set of tool connector anchors (inputs and outputs)

- Input and Output connector for all Interface tools. Action and Condition tools can accept multiple inputs through this anchor. Only Interface tools can be connected to other Interface tools via this anchor, with the exception of workflow tools with a Formula Editor as described here.

- Optional Input connector for Interface tools (questions) that could use an Input from another tool to populate the interface element. Drop Down, List Box, Map, and Tree all have this optional input anchor type.

- Condition anchors can only be connected to other condition anchors. The Condition tool has True and False output condition anchors that can only be connected to an Action tool input.

- When a workflow is saved as an app or macro, each tool in the workflow gets a lightning bolt anchor. Only Interface tools can connect to these anchors and it indicates that there are Interface elements and actions updating a workflow tool.


Interface tools

Placing an Interface tool on the workflow canvas will automatically change the Workflow Type to App or Macro.

Note: The XML of Interface tools is read-only.

Action: Update values of development tools with the values from the interface questions at runtime.

Check Box: Display a check box option in an app.

Condition: Test for the presence of user selections. The state is either true or false.

Control Parameter: Control Parameter input for a Batch Macro.

Date: Display a calendar in app.

Drop Down: Display a single selection list in an app.

Error Message: Throw an Error message.

File Browse: Display a file browse control in an app. This tool can be used to read an input or write an output.

Folder Browse: Display a folder browse control in an app. This Interface tool is not supported for running apps in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery

List Box: Display a multi-selection check box list in an app.

Macro Input: Input for a Macro.

Macro Output: Output of a Macro.

Map: Display an interactive map for the user to draw or select map objects in an app.

Numeric Up Down: Display a numeric control in an app.

Radio Button: Display a mutually exclusive option in an app.

Text Box: Display a free form text box in an app.

Tree: Display an organized, hierarchal data structure in an app.


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