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Macro Workflows

A Macro Workflow is a workflow that has the flexibility to be run as a single tool within another workflow. Macros save with an *.yxmc extension.

Macros are built by using Interface Tools along with the Interface Designer.

There are three types of Macros set from Workflow Properties:

Using Macros in Workflows

Macro Repository User Setting: Users can create a Macro repository where Alteryx will look in the specified directories for Macros and display them in the Tool Palette for building workflows. Users can specify the default directory to save Macros to, indicated by *Default. Configurable options can be set from the User Settings, Macros tab.

When a Macro is used as a tool in a workflow, it may display with the Macro Indicator, . This is a display preference that can be turned on in User Settings. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings >Canvas > Display macro indicators on tools.

To insert a Macro into a workflow that is not in the Tool Palette, right-click on the workflow canvas and select Insert > Macro and browse to the location of the *.yxmc file.

If you are using a Macro from a custom directory, you will need to keep in mind that the Macro will need to be included with the workflow. Should you need to share the workflow, ensure the Macro is packaged with it and/or the path to the Macro is relative to the workflow and other workflow dependencies. This can all be handled easily through Workflow Dependencies and the Workflow Packager.

Resolving Macros

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