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Variables Tab

Certain tools have a formula editor Expression Box as part of their Configuration Properties. The variables tab of the formula editor allows you to select particular variables from within the input table to conduct analysis on, by creating expressions and formulas for data output.

The following tools have a formula editor expression box: Action, Condition, Filter, Formula, Generate Rows, Multi Field Formula, Multi Row Formula, Charting, Report Map, Table, Message, Test

There are 3 types of Variables that can be referenced in formulas:

  1. Fields: Any data field from an incoming connection .

  2. Connections from Questions: Any value coming from an app/macro question tool when connected to the Question Anchor of the formula editor tool.

  3. Constants: Document Constants are global variables for a workflow. Constants make it possible to change a value in a single location and have that change propagate to the rest of the workflow.

From the Variables tab, expand one of the data trees to create the formula. Either double click on the Field name or click and drag it into the Expression Box. To create an expression or formula using the variable, click the Functions tab for more options.

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