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Message Tool

The Message tool allows the user to report messages about a specific process to the Results window.

Configuration Properties

  1. Specify when to send messages.

  2. Set the Message Type. This determines the type of message the tool writes. For more information see the Results window.

  3. Set the Message Priority. This setting is specific to the tool behavior when it is used inside Macros.

  4. Transient: When checked, the message will replace an existing message which has been issued by the same tool.  This is useful for messages which report progress (e.g. number of rows processed/output).

  5. Message Expression: This is the expression which will be evaluated when the tool writes its message.  The message can be fixed text (enclose in quotes e.g "This tool is reporting a message") or can be built up from fields in the data (e.g. "Age " + [AgeField] " is outside the allowed limits").

Because this tool includes an expression editor, an additional input anchor displays when the tool is used in an app or macro workflow. Use the Interface tools to connect to a Question anchor. See Interface Tools.