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Allocate Append Tool

The Allocate Append Data tool lets you append demographic fields from an existing Allocate installation. Use of this tool requires a licensed installation of Allocate.

All of the datasets and variables that you have licensed for Allocate are available for Alteryx workflows through the Allocate Append Data tool. This includes any customer data that you have imported (demox files), and any virtual variables you have created (.vvf files, as long as these data and variables are currently registered and valid within Allocate).

You cannot create custom variables, nor import customer data through the Allocate Append Data tool. However, any of the custom variables (or the imported customer data that you have previously defined and saved in Allocate) will be available for retrieval.

For more detail on selecting Allocate variables, or creating new variables, see Allocate Help. Allocate can be accessed from the Windows Start menu...Type 'Allocate' in the search and click on Allocate to launch the program. From the Allocate interface, click Help.

Configuration Properties

  1. Select the Allocate dataset from which to retrieve data.

  2. You can specify the default dataset from User Settings. Go to Tools --> User Settings and click on the Dataset Defaults tab.

  3. Select the Polygon Type to be retrieved: Standard Geographies or Custom Polygons. If the specified field contains point objects, Null values will be returned.

  4. Select the Field Containing Object or Key box

  5. Specify fields for retrieval in the Pick Variables box:

    1. Expand the variable trees to reveal the data to append.

    2. Check the box to select the desired variables.

  6. Return Spatial Object checkbox, when checked, will return the spatial object for the geography Allocate is returning data for.

See Allocate Retrieval Methodology and Geographic Identifiers for more information on output specifics of this tool.

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