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About the CASS Tool

The CASS Tool takes the input address file and checks it against the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System. The tool cleans up the data by correcting address information to the US Postal Service Standard. It also appends valuable address-specific information to the data.

By CASS certifying address files, the user can receive substantial bulk mailing discounts from the US Postal Service by submitting a CASS Report.

The CASS library is a separate data install that is only available with the Alteryx Spatial offering. It requires a special license to run. The data is released bi-monthly and expires every two months (on the last day of even months). For example the June release of CASS will expire on August 31 and the August release will expire on October 31.

For more information regarding the CASS Tool, see Credits.

Note: Records will not come out of this tool in the order they went in. This is because the records process on different threads and come out in the order they complete.

Configuration Properties

  1. Choose the appropriate fields from the drop down menus. The first two fields, Company and Urbanization are optional.
  2. Choose the Address fields from the next two boxes. The address field will contain a house number and the Street. Only one address field is required, but the file may have a second address field containing a building, apartment or suite number.
  3. Note: When you pass a suite number to the address 2 property, a suite name or pre-qualifier (Ste, Apt, Unit etc) must be present in order for the CASS tool to recognize it as a suite number. The USPS has a list of acceptable pre-qualifiers listed here.

  4. Last Line is a single field checkbox. Check this box if the City, State and Zip Code information are contained within a single field. Then choose the Last Line Field from the drop down list. If they are in multi-fields, go to Step 4.
  5. If the City State and Zip code information are in separate fields, choose them individually from the drop down lists.
  6. The next section has 4 tabs:

Output Fields

The CASS tool can produce any or all of the following outputs (US defaults in green).

Note: An address record must have a CASS_Results value of AS01 or AS02 in order to be considered a good record. If it is not considered a good record, the returned data in CASS Address fields may not be accurate.

  1. Address Property was not verifiable, therefore the Address2 Property was verified and the address properties were swapped.
    1. Input:
      Address = 123 Main St Apt 10 (could not be verified)
      Address2 = PO Box 223 (could be verified)

      Address = PO Box 223
      Address2 = 123 Main St Apt 10
  2. The Address Property could be verified, so the Address2 Property was not considered.

    Address = PO Box 223 (could be verified)
    Address2 = 123 Main St Apt 10 (not looked at)

    Address = PO Box 223
    Address2 = 123 Main St Apt 10


Click Apply to have the configurations accepted.

Note: For information regarding Input, Output, Annotation and Error Properties, see Tool Properties.

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