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Parse Address Tool

The Parse Address tool breaks down a street address into its component parts, such as street number, directional (S, NW, and so on), street name, and suffix (ST, RD, BLVD).

The tool can also parse Last Line data (city, state, and ZIP Code) into the separate parts. This is handy if your address data comes to you as lines of plain text instead of discrete fields.

The CASS Address Parse Tool uses the CASS library, a separate data install that is only available with the Alteryx Spatial offering. It requires a special license to run.

Any address field can be passed through this tool. While the CASS library installation is required, you do not have to run it through the CASS Tool to parse the address data.

Configuration Properties

  1. Specify the Address field to parse using the dropdown list.

  2. Specify the Last Line field to parse using the dropdown list. This is an Optional field.

  3. Check the Parse Canadian Addresses checkbox only if your input contains Canadian Addresses.

  4. Choose to output a single parsed candidate or to output all parsed candidates.

  5. Select the Output Fields to return using the checkbox to the left of the field name. The All, US Default, CA Default, and Clear Button should help with making multiple selections. Output fields are defined below:

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