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Date Filter Tool

The Date Filter tool is designed to allow a user to easily filter data based on a date criteria using a calendar based interface.

Configuration Properties

There are three ways to specify the date values used in the filter:

(1) the exact start and end dates to use; (2) the start date and the number of periods from that date into the future to use; and (3) the end date and the number of periods from that into the past to use. The allowed periods are days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

  1. Select the date field to be used in filtering. Use the drop down to select the incoming date field. The field must be a "Date" field type.

  2. Specify the Date selection method. Choices are:

When specifying Quarters as the period definition, note that this calculation is based on multiplying months by 3. So if 4 Quarters is specified, 12 months of records will be returned.