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Foursquare Search Tool

The Foursquare Search tool allows you to search the Foursquare Venues API by a location, with multiple options to enhance the returned data.

IMPORTANT! Before you can use this macro, you must register an application with Foursquare. This can be set up by visiting and selecting ‘Create a New App’. The only required fields are the ‘Download/welcome page url’ and ‘Redirect URL(s)’, but is accepted as a placeholder in those fields Once you have submitted your application form you will be provided a ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ token, which are needed to configure the macro.

Configuration Properties

There are 3 tabs: Authentication, Specification, Location

Authentication Tab

  1. Client ID: Enter your Foursquare Application Client ID.
  2. Client Secret: Enter your Foursquare Application Client Secret.
  3. Foursquare API Terms and Conditions: In order to run this macro, you must read and agree to the Foursquare API Terms and Conditions.

Specification Tab

  1. Specify the Search type:
  2. Enhanced Output:
  3. Secondary Output: Select one of these options to generate a ‘Secondary’ output stream of data associated with the primary venues output. Join the secondary data output to the primary venues output by the FoursquareVenueID column that’s found in both the primary and secondary output data streams. Choices include:

Location Tab

  1. Enter the search location in 1 of 2 ways:
  2. Radius Size: Specify a radius for the venue search.
  3. The maximum radius search supported by Foursquare is 100km (~60 miles) for a standard venues search, or 20km (~12 miles) for a trending search. If the radius entered is larger, it will be automatically shortened to the appropriate limit.

  4. Radius Units: Specify Miles, Kilometers, Meters or Feet as the unit of measure of the radius.


The Foursquare Tool produces 2 outputs:

For further information about the data returned by the macro, visit the Foursquare API documentation site.

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