Charting Tool

The Charting tool in the Laboratory category has been deprecated. The Charting Tool in the Reporting category is available to use in its place.

The Charting tool will produce simple line and bar charts for use within Alteryx reports.

Data Format

In order to chart data from your workflow, the data must be organized by fields. If your data is arranged in rows, you may need to use a Cross Tab tool to create the correct data format.

Fields to be used as data points will need to be recognized as numeric fields. You may need to use an Auto Field tool or a Select tool to make sure the fields are numeric. The Label field can be any data type except spatial, report, or blob.

Charting Options

There are two sets of options available for the Charting tool.

Normal Configuration:

Select Field(s) to Chart: This option provides a drop-down list of fields that are seen as numeric and can be included in the chart.

Label Field: An optional selection that provides labels for the X-Axis. This will often be a string that describes the data points as they go from left to right. X-Axis labels will be pruned down to 12 if there are more than that to try and avoid overlap in the labels. Each individual label will also be truncated at 25 characters.

Width (inches) and Height (inches): The width of the generated chart for the purposes of generating an image or pdf. The size of the chart may also be handled by the Layout tool. The Width and Height have an impact on the resulting resolution of the chart.

Interactive Configuration:

The chart preview allows you to modify the Title or Axis labels by clicking on them directly and editing inline. The resulting preview will be an accurate reflection of what these will look like in the generated chart.

By clicking anywhere else on the chart preview, a context menu will appear that provides the following options:

Charting Tool Usage

The Charting tool will generate a live preview of the charts being created. This functionality depends on the workflow being executed at least once up through the tool that is connected upstream from the Charting tool. In cases where there is a large amount of data, the Charting tool will only show a preview for a smaller portion of data as controlled by the tool results preview setting.

Because the Charting tool relies upon the automated tool results, the 64 bit installation of Alteryx Designer is required.

Charting with Reporting Tools

The Charting tool may replace charts in existing Alteryx reporting workflows. It will create a report snippet that can be fed into a Layout tool or Render tool.