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Dynamic Output In-DB Tool

The Dynamic Output In-DB tool outputs information about the In-DB workflow to a standard workflow for Predictive In-DB.

Why you would use this tool

The Dynamic Output In-DB tool is used in conjunction with the Dynamic Input In-DB tool when creating an In-DB macro for predictive analysis. The Dynamic Output In-DB tool can take the metadata from the In-DB query and pass it into a standard workflow with predictive tools.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag a Dynamic Output In-DB tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.
  2. With the Dynamic Output In-DB tool selected, configure the tool using the Configuration window on the left.
  3. Output Fields: Select the type of data you want to output.

Possible Errors

If either the Input Connection String, or the Output Connection String fields are selected for output, the following error may display along with an error icon .

To use this tool select an appropriate data source and select the "Allow Decryption of Password" Password Encryption option in Manage In-DB Connections.

To resolve the error, modify the original connection string by changing the Password Encryption option to "Allow Decryption of Password" so that the password is decrypted in the metadata.