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Sample In-DB Tool

The Sample In-DB tool limits the In-DB stream to a number or percentage of records. There is an option to base the sampled records on a designated field sort order.

Why you would use this tool

Use the Sample In-DB tool to limit the amount of data records to optimize runtime and throughput.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag a Sample In-DB tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.

  2. Connect another In-DB tool's output to the input of the Sample In-DB tool.

  3. With the Sample In-DB tool selected, configure the tool using the Properties window on the left.

  4. Use the drop down list to specify the type of sample. Choices are:

  5. Select or type the number or percent of records to include in the sample.

  6. Sample records based on order: When checked, the records will be sorted in-database before the number or percent of records is chosen to produce the results. To configure the order the data should be sorted:

    1. Select the field to sort on from the Name drop down list.

    2. Choose either Ascending or Descending from the Order drop down.

    3. Manipulate the sorting order by using the Up, Down, and Delete buttons on the right.