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Data Stream In Tool

Bring data from the Alteryx Designer into the In-DB workflow.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag a Data Stream In tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.
  2. With the Data Stream In tool selected, configure the tool using the Configuration window on the left.
  3. Connection Name: Click the drop-down to create a new connection, manage an existing connection, or select a connection from the list of connections that have already been set up.
  4. Creation Mode: Select the appropriate option for writing the data. Choices include:
  5. Table Name: Enter the name of the database table to create or update. If the Create Temporary Table option is selected, the Table Name field is disabled and displays “[a unique temporary table name is generated on each run]".

To use this tool with Oracle, you must at least have permissions to write to the tempspace assigned to GLOBAL TEMPORARY. Contact your DBA.

For more information, see Connecting to a Database and Managing an Existing Database Connection.