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Data Stream Out Tool

The Data Stream Out tool streams data from an In-DB workflow out to Alteryx Designer.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag a Data Stream Out tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.

  2. Connect another In-DB tool's output to the input of the Data Stream Out tool.

  3. With the Data Stream Out tool selected, configure the tool using the Configuration window on the left.

  4. Sort records before streaming out: Optional setting that when checked, the incoming data is sorted by the field specification below.

    1. Select the field to sort on from the Name drop down list.

    2. Choose either Ascending or Descending from the Order drop down list to set the sort order of the data.

    3. Manipulate the sorting order by using the Up, Down and Delete buttons on the right.

  5. Connect an Alteryx Designer tool (not an In-DB tool) to the output of the Data Stream Out tool.