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US Geocoder Tool

The US Geocoder tool uses Alteryx's Geocoding suite of products (CASS, Street Geocoder, and US ZIP + 4 Coder) to geocode a customer file. This tool currently only works for US addresses.

This tool is a macro that requires a separate data install and license. To use this tool, contact your Account Executive.

Configuration Properties:

There are four tabs that require user input to successfully configure the tool:


Specify the necessary Address fields from the drop down lists. All fields are required.

The ZIP Code field must be formatted as a string. If it is not a string, send the input through a Select tool first and change the ZIP Code field type to String.

Geocoder Options:

  1. Select a Geocoder from the drop down. This list will be populated with Geocoder datasets already installed on the machine.
  2. You can specify the default dataset from User Settings. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings and click the Dataset Defaults tab.

  3. Select multiple match behavior - choices include Prompt to Select, First to all, or None to all - see the Street Geocoder tool for more information.
  4. Select the Street Geocoder output fields to include in the output.
  5. Preserve input Address field names: when checked, the original field names specified on the Input tab will be output from the tool. Left unchecked, the specified fields will be renamed to : Address, City, State and ZIP.
  6. Choose whether or not to match to the TomTom Multinet Address Points file as a first pass.

CASS Options:

  1. Choose to include CASS coding or not by checking the box.
  2. Select the CASS fields to include in the Output.

ZIP+4 Coder:

  1. Choose to include ZIP+4 coding or not by checking the box.
  2. Select the ZIP+4 fields to include in the Output.


There are two outputs from this tool:

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