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Multi-Field Binning Tool

This macro replicates some of the functionality of the Tile tool, but has the added feature of being able to tile, or bin on multiple fields at the same time. This tool was built primarily for the predictive tool set and as such will only accept numeric fields for binning.  The fields are sorted ascending by default, and the user has the option to tile based on equal records or equal intervals.

Configuration Properties

  1. Select the fields for binning (only numeric fields are shown): use the checkboxes to select the numeric fields for binning.

  2. Tile Method: choose the tile methods for binning. Choices are

  3. Use the numeric up/down selector to specify how many bins to create.


Output includes all fields that went into the tool and a new field for each field selected for binning named FieldName_Tile_Num

A fix was made to this macro between 9.0 and 9.1 that may cause existing workflows to break. The macro now outputs an Int64 field instead of a String field. This was a necessary change as the tool was not sorting records properly due to the fact it was sorting a string instead of a numeric value.