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Poly-Build Tool

The PolyBuild tool takes a group of spatial point objects and draws a polygon or polyline in a specific sort order to represent that group of points.

The most common use of this tool would be to create a Convex Hull polygon representation for a set of points. See the ConvexHull_TradeArea.yxmd from the Spatial Samples directory.

This tool can also be used for spatial layer development. A typical example where you would use this tool is if you had a collection of GPS data that you needed to translate into polygon or polyline objects. If you were mapping out a river, road, pipeline, reservoir or property boundary, for instance, this tool would be quite useful.

Configuration Properties

  1. Select the Build Method. Choices include:

  2. Depending on the Build mode chosen, the user will have to populate a series of drop down lists with the appropriate field name with respect to their data stream.


Polyline: A polyline contains multiple line segments, where a line has one start and one end point, but can have any number of points in between. A polyline can be quite complex as in the case of road systems, or rivers.

Polygon: A polygon is a simple bounded region. A region can be made up of many individual polygons, such as in the case of the state of Hawaii.


Click Apply to have the configurations accepted.

For information regarding Input, Output, Annotation and Error Properties, see Tool Properties.

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