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Smooth Tool

The Smooth tool uses a "B-spline" smoothing algorithm to round off the sharp angles of polygon or polyline objects by adding nodes along the lines that make up the object.

Configuration Properties

  1. Specify the Spatial Field that contains the spatial object to be smoothed.

    User can choose whether or not to include the original spatial object in the output stream. The default is unchecked so the object is not included.

  2. Specify the amount of Smoothing desired. This setting controls the number of nodes that will be added to each curve. Choices include:

  3. Specify the Maximum Radius . Default is 1.

    The smoothing methodology adds nodes to round off corners.  The curve begins at the center of a line and will extend to the center of the next line, continually adding more nodes to form a round line, but never exceeding the specified Maximum Radiusof the curve.

  4. Units: Specify the units of the maximum radius. Choices are miles or kilometers. Default is Miles.

  5. Post Generalize to N % of Maximum Radius: when checked (default), the smoothed object will be generalized to eliminate redundant nodes and cut down on file size.

  6. Preserve Consistency for Entire Layer : when checked (default), line segments that are shared by multiple objects are smoothed at once, ensuring no gaps or overlaps occur between those objects.

Example of a Smoothed spatial object: