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Summarize Tool

The Summarize tool can conduct a host of Summary Processes, including: grouping, summing, count, spatial object processing, string concatenation, and much more.

Configuration Properties

Data fields from the input appear in the Fields section.

  1. Click to select the field to perform summaries on (Shift + click to select multiple fields to execute the same summary).

    Use the Select drop-down to the right to make multiple field selections. Choices include:

  2. With the field(s) selected, click the Add button. Depending on the data fields' type, you may choose different summary processes. Processes will be grayed out if they depend on a different field type than that selected.

  3. Make the selection and it will appear in the Actions section.

  4. From the Actions section, you can select the field and use the up, down, and delete buttons to specify field order for the output.

  5. Rename a field by typing a new field name into the Output Field Name column.

  6. Properties: Additional properties need specification for certain actions. Actions with additional properties specification include: Concatenate Strings and Finance actions. See Summary Processes for more detail.