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US ZIP9 Coder Tool

The US ZIP9 Coder tool associates geographic coordinates with input ZIP9 (also known as ZIP+4) codes in an address file, enabling the user to carry out geography-based analyses. The US ZIP9 Coder appends latitude and longitude, county and state FIPS code, and census tract and block number.

The US ZIP9 Coder tool requires a separate installation located on the Core Data Bundle installation disk.

Configuration Properties

  1. Discern whether the input table has the 9 digit ZIP Code in a single field, or if it is parsed into 2 fields, a 5-digit ZIP Code and then the 4-digit appendage.

  2. Choose the fields to add to the output.

    The ZIP9 Coder tool can produce any or all of the following outputs (defaults in green):

    Z9_Census_BLOCK:Appends the Census Block ID that the ZIP9 falls in. (The Census block group code is the first digit of the Census block code)

    Z9_Census_ID:Depending on the Match Code the record was coded to, the CensusID will go to that level of granularity. Census Block Code being the most granular level.

    Z9_Census_TRACT:Appends the Census Tract ID that the ZIP9 falls in.

    Z9_County_FIPS:Appends the County FIPS ID that the ZIP9 falls in.

    Z9_Latitude:Assigns the Latitude (Y) coordinate to the ZIP9

    Z9_Longitude:Assigns the Longitude (X) coordinate to the ZIP9

    Z9_Match_Code:The ZIP level the record was coded to.



    9 ZIP 9 Level Coding
    7 ZIP 7 Level Coding
    5 ZIP5 Level Coding
    0 Coding Failure

    Z9_Point:The spatial object of the ZIP9

    Z9_Record_Type:describes the type of facility the ZIP9 code represents.

    Type Description
    H High-rise
    F Firm
    S Street Delivery
    R Rural Route/Highway Contract
    P Post Office
    G General Delivery
    Z TeleAtlas designated 5-digit ZIP

    Z9_State_FIPS:Appends the State FIPS ID that the ZIP9 falls in.

    The ZIP9 Coder will only append the above information to existing ZIP9 or ZIP+4 codes. It will not determine the correct ZIP9 or ZIP+4 code for the input address. the input data must already contain the correct ZIP9 or ZIP+4 codes.

    If you use the CASS tool to determine the correct ZIP5 and ZIP+4 codes for the input address, you can then use the ZIP 9 Coder to assign a point object to the results.

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