Allocate Report Tool

The Allocate Report tool allows the user to retrieve and run any pre-formatted or custom report associated with Allocate. Reports can be exported to Reporting Snippets, HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS, and Alteryx Composer's PCXML format.

The Allocate Report tool is only available if the machine running Alteryx has a licensed installation of Allocate.

Configuration Properties

  1. Select the Allocate dataset from which to retrieve data.
  2. You can specify the default dataset from User Settings. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings and click the Dataset Defaults tab.

  3. Select the polygon type to be retrieved by selecting an option under Records Are:. If the specified field contains point objects, values of 0 will be returned in the report.
  4. Select the field containing the Spatial Field or Key Field box.
  5. Select Name Field that will serve as a row header for the geographies being reported on.
  6. Select the reports for Output. Pre-formatted reports as well as Custom reports (saved to the Allocate Reports Directory) will appear in this box.
  7. The custom Rank Report, titled "Rank Report" will not work from the Alteryx GUI. This report must be run in Allocate.

  8. Index (Optional): Click the Index button if it is warranted to compare the geographies against an index.
  9. Choose the output format. Choices include: Report Snippet, HTML, Alteryx Composer File (pcxml), PDF Document, RTF Document, Word 2007 Document, or Excel 2007 Spreadsheet.
  10. Go to Step 9 to configure all Outputs except for Report Snippet. Report Snippet configuration is described below.

  11. Browse to an output directory to where the report will save to.
  12. Optional: Specify a file name prefix. Make sure to do this if there are multiple Allocate reports in the workflow. Otherwise they will overwrite each other as each report is created downstream.
  13. Take File Name From Field: When this box is checked, a separate file will be written out for each value of a particular field. Additionally you can chose to:

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