Amazon S3 Download Tool

The Amazon S3 Download tool will retrieve data stored in the cloud where it is hosted by Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Configuration Properties

AWS Access Key: Specify the Amazon Web Services Access Key to use to download data.

AWS Secret Key: Specify the Amazon Web Services Secret Key to use to access the data for download.

In the drop-down, select an encryption option for the AWS Secret Key:

Save Current AWS Credentials As Default: Saves the AWS credentials to the machine’s registry.

Delete Saved Default AWS Credentials: Deletes any previously saved AWS credentials from the machine’s registry.

Endpoint: Select Default to allow Amazon to determine the endpoint automatically based on the bucket you select. To specify an endpoint for private S3 deployments, or if you know a specific bucket region, you can alternately select an endpoint (S3 region), enter a custom endpoint, or select from one of ten previously-entered custom endpoints.

If the Bucket you select is not in the region of the endpoint you specify, the following error occurs: “The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.” Select Default to clear the error.

Use Signature V4 for Authentication: Select this option to use Signature Version 4 instead of the default Signature Version 2. This will increase security, but connection speeds may be slower. This option is automatically enabled for regions requiring Signature Version 4.

Bucket Name: AWS stores data objects in Buckets. Type a Bucket name or select one from the list of available Buckets.

Object Name: Specify the Object name (data file) to be stored in the previously specified Bucket. Type an Object name or select one from the list of available Objects.

Depending on the file format you choose, configuration options vary. See File Format Options.