Append Cluster Tool

The Append Cluster tool appends the cluster assignments from a K-Centroids Cluster Analysis tool to a data stream. The data stream does not need to be the same one that the cluster solution is based on. However, it must contain the set of fields (with the same names, but not necessarily the same values) used to create the original cluster solution. Any field standardization that was done as part of constructing the original cluster solution will also be applied.

This tool uses the R programming language. Go to Options > Download Predictive Tools to install R and the packages used by the R Tool.


An Alteryx data stream.

Configuration Properties

The field name for the cluster assignments: The clusters names are consecutive integers starting with one. This option determines the name of the cluster assignment field, with the default field name being "Cluster." The cluster assignment field name must start with a letter and only include letters, numbers, and "_" or "." characters.


The input Alteryx data stream with the cluster assignment variable appended.