XDF Output Tool

The XDF Output tool writes an Alteryx data stream to an XDF (.xdf) file, which is the format used by Microsoft R ScaleR functions for scaling predictive analytics.

This tool uses the R programming language. Go to Options > Download Predictive Tools to install R and the packages used by the R Tool.

Configure the tool

  1. In Select the fields to include in the XDF File, select the data you want to have available for predictive analytics using tools enabled with ScaleR.
  2. In The number of records per write, select the number of records to be written to the .xdf file in each sequential set of batches.
  3. Select Save the XDF file to a permanent location to save the .xdf file instead of storing it as a temporary file.

The output of the tool includes an Alteryx data stream that contains two records, including the data schema and a key that downstream tools use to locate the .xdf file and understand the field level structure of that field.