Type of Support: Read & Write; In-Database
Validated On: Databricks version 2.18; Simba Spark Driver 1.00.09
Connection Type: ODBC (32- and 64-bit)
Driver Details: The ODBC driver can be downloaded here.

In-Database processing requires 64-bit database drivers.

Driver Configuration Requirements:

The host must be a Databricks cluster JDBC/ODBC Server hostname.

For optimal performance, you must enable the Fast SQLPrepare option within the driver Advanced Options to allow Alteryx to retrieve metadata without running a query.

To use Visual Query Builder, select the Get Tables With Query option within the driver Advanced Options.


Alteryx tools used to connect:

Additional Details

Read Support

Install and configure the Spark ODBC driver:

To set up the driver Advanced Options, see the installation guide downloaded with the Simba Spark driver.

Write Support

For both standard and in-database workflows, use the Data Stream In tool to write to Databricks. Write support is via the Databricks Bulk Loader.

In the Manage In-DB Connections > Write tab:

  1. Select Databricks Bulk Loader (Avro) or Databricks Bulk Loader (CSV).
  2. To write a table with field names that total more than 4000 characters, use CSV instead of Avro.

  3. Select the Connection String drop-down, and then select New Databricks connection.
  4. Select an existing ODBC data source, or click ODBC Admin to create one.
  5. Specify a user name and password. These fields cannot be blank.
  6. Specify the Databricks URL (e.g.,