Dynamic Input Tool

The Dynamic Input tool allows the user to read from an input database at runtime and dynamically choose what records to read in. Alteryx does not input the entire database table content, instead it filters the data and only returns the user specified criteria and joins it to the data coming into the tool.

Using the Dynamic Input tool can have a significant impact on speed when reading a relational database across the network. It can also perform Spatial queries on relational databases that have no spatial objects in them.

Configuration Properties

  1. Specify the Input Path to the database table for reading. Click the Edit Button and the Input Data Source Dialog box displays.

  2. Choose how to read and the action to execute with this input. Choices include:

Things to watch out for:

Make sure the schema of all the files you are reading is the same, otherwise an error will occur.

Other Tips:  

You can dynamically change part of a query fairly easily.  If you need more than the simple options in the tool, use a formula tool to remake the entire path or connection string or table and read based on that.

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