Write Data In-DB Tool

Use the In-DB stream to create or update a table directly in the database.

How to use this tool

  1. Drag a Write In-DB tool from the Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas.
  2. Connect another In-DB tool's output to the input of the Write In-DB tool.
  3. With the Write In-DB tool selected, configure the tool using the Configuration window on the left.
  4. Creation Mode: Select the appropriate option for writing the data. Choices include:
  5. Table Name: Enter the name of the database table to create or update.
  6. Append Fields Mapping: this area becomes active when Append Existing or Delete Data & Append is chosen above.
    1. Choose the preferred configuration mode. Choices are:
    2. When Fields are Different: Select how to handle nonconforming data fields from the options using the drop-down.