Macro Input Tool

The Macro Input tool sets the interface, tool configuration options, and anchors for a macro.

A macro tool includes an input anchor for each Macro Input tool used in the macro workflow. Input anchors are displayed in the order they were added to the macro workflow. Use the Interface Designer > Tree View to edit the order. See Interface Designer Window.

Configure the tool

  1. Select a Template Input to set tool configuration options:

  2. In Input Name, type a name for the tab that displays in the macro tool Configuration window.

  3. In Anchor Abbreviation, type a letter or number to display on the tool anchor.

  4. Select Show Field Map to prompt the macro user to map data for tool configuration.

  5. Select Optional Incoming Connection to make it optional for a macro user to add an incoming connection. Use this option with Text Input.

A Macro Input tool sets the tool configuration options available to a macro user. The Macro output anchor can be connected to a Drop Down or List Box tool optional input connection to display configuration options set in a Macro Input tool. See Drop Down Tool or List Box Tool.