Map Tool

The Map tool will display an interactive map for the user to draw or select map objects in an app or macro. The map selection made by the user is passed to downstream tools.

This tool has an optional input connector See below for more information.

Configuration Properties

  1. Enter the text or question to be displayed: The text here will be presented to the user instructing them how to use the Map control.
  2. Base Map: The App Author can specify the Base Map (background map layers) they would like to present to the App Consumer.

    To display a drop down list of available Base Maps to the user, configure a Drop Down tool with 'Reference Base Maps' as the List Values and connect it to the input connector of the Map tool.

  3. Select/Draw: The App Author can specify the number of features they would like the App Consumer to be able to either select or draw. Options are to limit to 1 Feature or allow 1 or More features.
  4. Zoom To: The App Author can specify the initial zoom to present to the App Consumer. The options include:
  5. Reference Layer: The App Author can also specify a reference layer for the consumer to use. Options include:
  6. Mode: Two modes are supported:

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