Radio Button Tool

The Radio Button tool displays a mutually exclusive option in an app or macro. The resulting value, True (ticked) or False (not ticked), is passed to downstream tools.

Example below illustrates a radio button group from the Sample, Clean_Parse_Phone_Fields_Disable_Tool_Containers.yxwz. In this example the App Consumer must choose to Parse all or only Parse formatted records. They can only choose one option or the other.

In the example above, the first radio button, 'Parse all records,' has a List Box question nested beneath it. To assign a group relationship, use the Up/Down arrows found on the Layout view of the Interface Designer. A question that is below a Radio Button question will become nested inside a Radio Button Group if it is moved up one time.

Configuration Properties

  1. Enter the text or question to be displayed: The text here will be presented to the user instructing them how to use the Radio Button control.

  2. Default Value: when checked, this Radio Button will be selected for the App Consumer, by default. The App Consumer can either keep this selection or choose another Radio button. the Default Radio button displays as such from the Questions Tab, indicated as "(Default)" Next to the Question Name.

  3. Collapse Group when Deselected: when checked, the App Consumer will only see the Radio Button option when this is not selected. Upon selecting the Radio Button, the group will expand and display additional information to the App Consumer.

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