StatTransfer Supported File Formats

Read and write support for SAS and SPSS files is performed through a CircleSystems API library called StatTransfer. The supported formats include:

Character Encodings

Alteryx will read SAS and SPSS files that are encoded with any character encoding. SAS and IBM SPSS  files are written in UTF-8, meaning the data is in UTF-8 which is Alteryx-compatible.

Value Labels

Both IBM SPSS and SAS files support value labels. Value labels are a table within the data that allows the data to hold a key, such as:

1 - Under 18 years of age

2 - 18 - 26 years of age

3 - 27 - 40 years of age

The value label indexes can be numeric or alphabetic, such as:

m - Male

f - Female

In the Input Data Tool, there is a user configuration option for expanding the value labels:

If a table of value labels is defined for a field, but there is data in the field that does not have a corresponding value label, the data value is used. For example, if labels were only defined for values 1 - 3, then 4 would be written out directly.

Missing Data

IBM SPSS  and SAS files have a notion of "Missing" data. In Alteryx, you will get NULLs in the data. When writing, any NULLs in your data will be written as "Missing" in the resulting SAS or IBM SPSS  file.

Data Types

Alteryx supports all data types for writing to SAS and IBM SPSS  files, with the exception of blob and spatial fields. If blob and/or spatial fields are sent to the output tool for SAS or IBM SPSS, they will be ignored. Warning messages will be reported in the Results window if these types of fields are encountered.

When reading SAS/IBM SPSS  files, all data will be converted to one of the following data types:


Alteryx reads and writes SPSS variable labels. These are represented in the Description field.