Text Input Tool

The Text Input tool makes it possible for the user to manually type text to create small data files for input. It is useful for creating Lookup tables on the fly, for example.

The data input from the Text Input tool will save within the workflow, so users can share the workflow with other users and they will not need the input data to run the workflow.

Configuration Properties

  1. Click on the cells to type in your data values. The tool will auto-configure based on the values you type in.

  2. You can rename Field Names by clicking on the header cells and typing in the box.

Options Menu

Within the Configuration Properties there is a menu that offers some user options. Options include:

The Text Input tool is limited to 1000 total cells on import. The user can then add cells.

Any blank cells will come out as NULL values.

Cell Navigation

Click Apply to have the configurations accepted.

For information regarding Input, Output, Annotation and Error Properties, see Tool Configuration.