XML Parse Tool

The XML parse tool will read in a chunk of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and parse it into individual fields.

In versions prior to 9.0, the use of namespaces was "undefined." Namespaces are no longer supported in Alteryx 9.0. If the XML contains namespaces (e.g. "w:document") the namespace will be stripped off in the output (e.g. "document" is returned).

Please see Reading XML for more information on how Alteryx reads and parses XML.

Configuration Properties

  1. Specify the Field with XML Data you would like to parse. The drop down list will display the string fields included in your input.
  2. Specify the XML Element by typing it into the text box provided. This is an optional setting. The XML Element is case sensitive.
  3. Return child Values: When checked, the first set of child values are returned. When unchecked, child values are left out.
  4. Return Outer XML: When checked, the outer XML tags are returned. An additional field for each parsed field is created with the suffix "_OuterXML" and the tags are included around the values in the data table.


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