Blob Convert Tool

The Blob Convert tool will take different data types and either convert them to a Binary Large Object (Blob) or take a Blob and convert it to a different data type.

Configure the tool

Conversion mode: Choose the type of conversion to perform. Choices are Convert from a blob field or Convert to a blob field. Based on your selection, other options are available and listed out below.

    • Convert from a Blob field: Takes an incoming Blob and converts it to another data type.
      1. Blob Field: Use the drop down list to select the data field that contains the Blob data to be converted.
      2. Specify a data type to convert the Blob to. Choices are:
        • Convert to Base64 encoded Binary Data
        • Convert to HEX encoded Binary Data
        • Blob is Text Encoded with a Code Page: Select which code page the blob was encoded with. See Code Pages.
        • Output MD5 Hash of Binary Data
        • Convert PNG, GIF or JPG Blob to Report Snippet: choosing this option will allow the Reporting Tools to recognize the incoming images as report snippets for building reports.
    • Convert to a Blob Field: Takes incoming data and converts it to a Blob.
      1. String Field: Use the drop down list to select the data field that will be converted to a Blob.
      2. Specify the type of data contained within the specified field. Choices are:
        • Field is Base64 encoded Binary Data
        • Field is HEX encoded Binary Data
        • Put Text Data into a Blob with Code Page: Select the Code Page to use when encoding the blob.