Supported Data Sources

Alteryx connects to a variety of data sources. Alteryx can read, write, or read and write, dependent upon the data source.

Adobe Adobe Analytics   Read-only
Alteryx Alteryx Database .yxdb Read, Write
Alteryx Calgary .cydb Read-only
Alteryx Spatial ZIP .sz Read, Write
Amazon Amazon Athena   Read, Write
Amazon Aurora   Read, Write
Amazon Redshift   Read, Write, In-DB
Amazon Redshift Spectrum   Read, Write
Amazon S3   Read, Write
ASCII ASCII .flat, .asc Read, Write
Apache Apache Hadoop Avro .avro Read, Write
Cassandra   Read, Write
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)   Read, Write
Hive   Read, Write, In-DB
Apache Spark Direct   Read, Write, In-DB
Apache Spark ODBC   Read, Write, In-DB
Apache Spark on Databricks   Read, Write, In-DB
Autodesk Autodesk .sdf Read, Write
Cloudera Cloudera Impala   Read, Write, In-DB
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)   Read, Write
Hive   Read, Write, In-DB
CSV Comma Separated Value .csv Read, Write
Databricks Databricks   Read, Write, In-DB
DataStax DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community   Read, Write
dBase dBase .dbf Read, Write
ESRI ESRI GeoDatabase .gdb Read-only
ESRI Personal GeoDatabase .mdb Read-only
ESRI Shapefile .shp (.dbf, .shx, .prj) Read, Write
EXASOL EXASOL   Read, Write, In-DB
Foursquare Foursquare   Read-only
GIS GIS .grd, .grc Read-only
Google Google Analytics .kml Read-only
Google BigQuery   Read, Write
Google Earth/Maps   Read, Write
Google Sheets   Read, Write


GZip Files .tar.gz Read-only
Hortonworks Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)   Read, Write
Hive   Read, Write, In-DB
HP Vertica   Read, Write, In-DB
HTML HyperText Markup Language .htm Write-only
IBM IBM DB2 .sav Read, Write
IBM Netezza/Pure Data Systems   Read, Write, In-DB
IBM SPSS   Read, Write
JSON JSON .json Read, Write
MapInfo MapInfo Professional Interchange Format .mid, .mif Read, Write
MapInfo Professional Table .tab (*.dat, *.map, *.id, *.ind) Read, Write
MapR Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)   Read, Write
Hive   Read, Write, In-DB
Marketo Marketo   Read, Write
Microsoft Microsoft Access 2000-2003 .mdb Read, Write
Microsoft Analytics Platform System   Read, Write, In-DB
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store   Read, Write
Microsoft Azure ML   Read-only
Microsoft Azure SQL Database   Read, Write, In-DB
Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse   Read, Write, In-DB
Microsoft Cognitive Services   Read-only
Microsoft Dynamics CRM   Read, Write
Microsoft Excel 1997-2003 .xls Read, Write
Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 .xlsx Read, Write
Microsoft Excel Binary
Requires 2010 Access driver
.xlsb Read, Write
Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled .xlsm Read, Write
Microsoft Office Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
Requires Access driver
.accdb Read, Write
Microsoft OneDrive   Write-only
Microsoft Power BI   Write-only
Microsoft SharePoint   Read, Write
Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016


Read, Write, In-DB
MongoDB MongoDB   Read, Write
MySQL MySQL   Read, Write, In-DB
Netsuite Netsuite Suite Analytics   Read-only
OpenGIS Geography Markup Language .gml Write-only
Oracle Oracle   Read, Write, In-DB, Predictive
Pivotal Pivotal Greenplum   Read, Write, In-DB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL   Read, Write, In-DB
Qlik Qlik Sense, QlikView .qvx Read, Write Salesforce   Read, Write
Salesforce Wave    
SAP SAP Hana   Read, Write, In-DB
SAS SAS .sas7bdat Read, Write
Snowflake Snowflake   Read, Write, In-DB
SQLite SQLite .sqlite Read, Write
SRC Geography SRC Geography File .geo Read, Write
Tableau Tableau Data Extract .tde Write-only
Tableau Hyper Data Extract .hyper Write-only
Teradata Teradata   Read, Write, In-DB
Teradata Aster   Read-only
Text Text .txt Read-only
Twitter Twitter   Read-only
XML Extensible Markup Language .xml Read-only
Zip Files Zip Files .zip Read-only