Deploy Tool

The Deploy tool integrates with Promote, a platform for deploying, managing, and scaling predictive models. The Deploy tool uploads models directly to the Promote platform, allowing for easier visibility and management of your available predictive model resources.

Configure the tool

To deploy a model to the Promote platform:

  1. Establish an Alteryx Promote Connection.
  2. Alteryx Promote Connection: A drop-down list used to select from saved Promote connections.

    Add Connection: An option to add to the list of available Promote connections. The Promote connection manager operates independently of workflows.

  3. To deploy a model with the same name as a model in the Promote platform, select Overwrite existing model. This will update the model version to your current deployment.

    Overwritten versions are accessible through the version control within the Promote platform.

  4. Run the workflow to deploy the model to the Promote server.

Promote access

If you are unsure if you have access to the Promote feature or need assistance finding your required credentials, contact your local administrator or your support representative.