Overlay Tool

The Overlay tool allows reporting snippets (maps, text, images, etc) to be placed on top of one another.

An example use of this tool is to have a map image with a title across the top, a legend positioned on the bottom right and a logo on the bottom left.

Configure the tool

  1. Base Field: The base field is the main reporting snippet. Overlay fields will be placed on top of the Base field.
  2. Overlay Fields: Use the drop down lists in the desired positions where you would like to overlay other snippets.
  3. Specify the Padding (in.) in which the overlay objects will place relative to the Base field. Default is 0.5 inches from the top, bottom, left and right.
  4. Padding (in.): expected behavior

    If Default Distance Units is set to kilometers, this field is calculated in centimeters. See Localization.

  5. Include Source Fields in Output: when checked, will output all snippet fields. This box is unchecked, by default, outputting only the resulting Overlay snippet.