Poly-Build Tool

The PolyBuild tool takes a group of spatial point objects and draws a polygon or polyline in a specific sort order to represent that group of points.

This tool can also be used for spatial layer development by translating a collection of GPS data into polygon or polyline objects, where a polygon is a simple bounded region, such as a state boundary, and a polyline contains multiple line segments with any number of points between its start and end points, such as a river or road.

Use to create a Convex Hull polygon representation for a set of points. See the ConvexHull_TradeArea.yxmd from the Spatial Samples directory.

Configure the tool

  1. Build Method: Select what shape is built. Choices include:
    • Convex Hull: The Convex Hull polygon is the smallest convex polygon that can be drawn to include a set of points. The polygon will not contain any concave angles, so it will never turn in on itself.
    • Sequence Polygon: The polygon will be drawn based on all the points within their sequential order.
    • Sequence Polyline: The polyline will be drawn based on all the points within their sequential order.
  2. Depending on the Build mode chosen, you need to populate a series of drop down lists with the appropriate field name with respect to their data stream.
    • Source Field: These are the points the tool is using to create the polygon object.
    • Group Field: The group field should be the field that represents the poly object, so all the records that fall into the group will make up one poly object.
    • Sequence Field: The sequence field is what the tool uses to draw the poly object. It sorts the records based on the sequence field and uses that order to draw the poly object.