The Connectors category includes tools used to retrieve data or push data to the cloud or internet environment.

Adobe Analytics Tool: The Adobe Analytics tool authenticates to the Adobe Analytics report suites and generates ad hoc reports based on multiple parameters via the Adobe Analytics Reporting API.

Amazon S3 Download Tool: The Amazon S3 Download tool retrieves data stored in the cloud where it is hosted by Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Amazon S3 Upload Tool: The Amazon S3 Upload tool transfers data from Alteryx to the cloud where it is hosted by Amazon Simple Storage Service.

ADL File Input Tool: The ADL File Input tool reads data from files located in an Azure Data Lake Store to your Alteryx workflow.

ADL File Output Tool: The ADL File Output tool writes data from your Alteryx workflow to a file located in an Azure Data Lake Store.

Cognitive Services Text Analytics Tool: The Cognitive Services Text Analytics tool uses the Cognitive Services Text Analytics API to perform sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection, and topic detection.

Download Tool: The Download tool retrieves data from a specified URL to be used in downstream processing or to be saved to a file.

Dynamics CRM Input Tool: The Dynamics CRM Input tool reads data from entities stored in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance to your Alteryx workflow.

Dynamics CRM Output Tool: The Dynamics CRM Output tool writes updated data, including the deletion of data, from your Alteryx workflow to entities stored in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance.

Foursquare Search Tool: The Foursquare Search tool searches Foursquare Venues by location with an option to filter by a search term.

Google Analytics Tool: The Google Analytics tool downloads data from Google Analytics to your Alteryx workflow, allowing non-technical business users to utilize the Google Analytics API.

Google BigQuery Input Tool: The Google BigQuery Input tool reads data from Google BigQuery datasets.

Google BigQuery Output Tool: The Google BigQuery Output Tool writes data to Google BigQuery datasets.

Google Sheets Input Tool: The Google Sheets Input tool downloads data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet to your Alteryx workflow.

Google Sheets Output Tool: The Google Sheets Output tool publishes data from an Alteryx workflow to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Marketo Append Tool: The Marketo Append tool retrieves Marketo records and appends them to the records of an incoming data stream.

Marketo Input Tool: The Marketo Input tool reads Marketo records for a specified date range.

Marketo Output Tool: The Marketo Output tool writes data back to Marketo.

MongoDB Input Tool: The MongoDB tool reads data stored in a MongoDB database.

OneDrive Input Tool: This Microsoft tool reads data from OneDrive into your Alteryx workflow.

OneDrive Output Tool: This Microsoft tool writes data from your Alteryx workflow into a OneDrive instance.

MongoDB Output Tool: The MongoDB tool writes data to a MongoDB database.

Publish To Power BI Tool: The Publish to Power BI tool uses the Power BI REST API to upload a data table from a workflow to the Power BI web application.

Publish to Tableau Server Tool: The Publish to Tableau Server tool publishes a data stream in Alteryx to an instance of Tableau as either a Tableau Hyper data extract (.hyper) or Tableau data extract (.tde) file.

Salesforce Input Tool: The Salesforce Input tool reads and queries tables from into Alteryx.

Salesforce Output Tool: The Salesforce Output tool writes to tables from Alteryx.

Salesforce Wave Output Tool: The Salesforce Wave Output tool publishes data from a workflow as a dataset in Wave Analytics.

SharePoint List Input Tool: The SharePoint Input tool reads lists from Sharepoint to be used as a data input in a workflow.

SharePoint List Output Tool: The SharePoint Output tool writes the content of a data stream to a Sharepoint list.

Twitter Search Tool: The Twitter Search tool searches tweets of the last seven days by given search terms with location and user relationship as optional properties.