Alteryx File Types

The following is a list of file extensions native to Alteryx:

Alteryx Workflows Alteryx Data Files Special Files License Files
.yxmd (Workflow) .yxdb (Alteryx Database) .yxwv (App Values) .yxlc
.yxwg (Workflow group) .cydb (Calgary Database) .yxft (Field Types) .slc
.yxmc (Macro) .cyidx (Calgary Index) .yxbe (Browse Everywhere data) .cylc
.yxwz (Analytic App) .rptx (Allocate reports)   .bak (Backup copy of a workflow) .alc
.yxzp (Packaged Workflow) .vvf (Allocate virtual variables)   .pcxml (Composer file) .gzlc
.yxi (Packaged Tool) .aws (Allocate workspace file) .log (Error log files)  
.indbc (Packaged In-DB connections)   .bin (Manual Flexera authentication)  
    .yxlang (Localization files)  
    CASS.ini (CASS directory information)