Workflow Encryption

Workflows (including Analytic Apps and Macros) can be encrypted so that they can be run, but not opened and edited in Alteryx Designer. When you open an encrypted workflow or macro you get a message that it cannot be edited. When you open an Analytic App, the app interface displays. Once a workflow has been encrypted, the encryption cannot be undone.

Workflows can be encrypted via the Encrypt Workflow option in the menu or the Command Line, as well as while they are being saved to a Gallery or exported to a file package.

The encryption algorithm used in Designer may change at any time.

Encryption from the menu

Click Options > Advanced Options > Encrypt Workflow to open the Encrypt window.

  1. Output Location: Click Browse to navigate to the location to save the encrypted workflow.
  2. Restrict use to specific serial numbers (one per line): Optionally enter a list of the serial numbers. Only users with a listed serial number are able to use the encrypted workflow. List each unique serial number on its own line.
  3. Set expiration date for encrypted workflow: Optionally select a date. The encrypted workflow will expire on the date specified, preventing the workflow from being run or used anymore.