The Developer category includes specialized tools specific to macro and analytic app creation, as well as running external programs.

API Output Tool: The API Output tool displays the contents of a data stream in the Results window as a comma-delimited, quote-qualified string.

Base64 Encoder Tool: The Base 64 Encoder tool issues a base 64 encode string for a specified string field.

Blob Convert Tool: The Blob Convert tool takes different data types and either convert them to a Binary Large Object (Blob) or takes a Blob and converts it to a different data type.

Blob Input Tool: The Blob Input tool reads a Binary Large Object such as an image or media file, by browsing directly to a file or passing a list of files to read.

Blob Output Tool: The Blob Output tool writes out each record into its own file.

Block Until Done Tool: The Block Until Done tool stops downstream processing until all records come through. This tool makes it possible to overwrite an input file.

Detour Tool: The Detour tool bypasses a process in a macro or analytic app.

Detour End Tool: The Detour End tool unifies the data processes from an upstream Detour tool into a single stream for further analysis in analytic apps and macro.

Dynamic Input Tool: The Dynamic Input tool reads from an input database at runtime and dynamically chooses what records to read in.

Dynamic Rename Tool: The Dynamic Rename tool renames any or all fields within an input stream by employing the use of different methods. Additionally, dynamic or unknown fields can be renamed at runtime.

Dynamic Replace Tool: The Dynamic Replace tool replaces data values on a series of fields, based on a condition.

Dynamic Select Tool: The Dynamic Select tool allows fields to be selected either by field type or via a formula. Additionally dynamic or unknown fields will also be selected by field type or via formula at runtime.

Field Info Tool: The Field Info tool displays in tabular form, the name of fields within a data stream as well as the field order, field type and field size.

JSON Parse Tool: The JSON Parse tool separates Java Script Object Notation text into a table schema for the purpose of downstream processing.

Message Tool: The Message tool reports messages about the process to the Results window.

Python Tool: The Python tool is a code editor for users of Python.

R Tool: The R tool is a code editor for users of R, an open-source code base used for statistical and predictive analysis.

Run Command Tool: The Run Command tool allows the user to run external command programs within Alteryx. This tool can be used as an Input, Output or as a pass through, intermediary tool.

Apache Spark Code Tool: The Apache Spark Code tool allows the user to connect directly to an Apache Spark cluster instance and run commands directly from Alteryx.

Test Tool: The Test tool verifies data or processes in a workflow. Since the Test tool accepts multiple inputs, with a single Test tool you can create multiple tests and test multiple sets of data and processes.

Throttle Tool: The Throttle tool slows down the speed of the downstream tool by limiting the number of records that are passed through.