The In-Database tool category includes tools for connecting to a database and blending and viewing data, as well as tools for bringing other data into an In-Database workflow and writing data directly to a database.

Browse In-DB Tool: The Browse In-DB tool lets you view your data at any point in an in-database workflow. Each Browse In-DB triggers a database query and can impact performance.

Connect In-DB Tool: The Connect In-DB tool establishes a new or existing in-database connection in a workflow.

Data Stream In Tool: The Data Stream In tool brings data from a standard workflow into an in-databaseworkflow.

Data Stream Out Tool: The Data Stream Out tool streams data from an in-databaseworkflow to a standard workflow, with an option to sort the records.

Dynamic Input In-DB Tool: The Dynamic Input In-DB tool takes In-DB Connection Name and Query fields from a standard data stream and inputs them into an in-database data stream.

Dynamic Output In-DB Tool: The Dynamic Output In-DB tool outputs information about the in-databaseworkflow to a standard workflow for predictive in-database processing.

Filter In-DB Tool: The Filter In-DB tool filters in-database records with a basic filter or with a custom expression using the database’s native language (e.g., SQL).

Formula In-DB Tool: The Formula In-DB tool creates or updates fields in an in-database data stream with an expression using the database’s native language (e.g., SQL).

Join In-DB Tool: The Join In-DB tool combines two in-database data streams based on common fields by performing an inner or outer join.

Macro Input In-DB Tool: The Macro Input In-DB tool creates an in-database input connection on a macro and populates it with placeholder values.

Macro Output In-DB Tool: The Macro Output In-DB tool creates an in-database output connection on a macro.

Sample In-DB Tool: The Sample In-DB tool limits the in-database data stream to a number or percentage of records.

Select In-DB Tool: The Select In-DB tool selects, deselects, reorders, and renames fields in an in-databasesworkflow.

Summarize In-DB Tool: The Summarize In-DB tool summarizes in-database data by grouping, summing, counting, counting distinct fields, and more. The output contains only the result of the calculations.

Union In-DB Tool: The Union In-DB tool combines two or more in-database data streams with similar structures based on field names or positions. In the output, each column will contain the data from each input.

Write Data In-DB Tool: The Write Data In-DB tool uses an in-database data stream to create or update a table directly in the database.