The Join category includes tools that join two or more streams of data by appending data to wide or long schema.

Append Fields Tool: The Append Fields tool appends the fields of one small input (Source) to every record of another larger input (Target ). The result is a Cartesian Join where all records from both inputs are compared.

Find Replace Tool: The Find and Replace tool searches for data in one field from the input table and replaces it with a specified field from a different data table.

Fuzzy Match Tool: The Fuzzy Matching tool identifies non-identical duplicates of a database by specifying parameters to match on. Values need not be exact to find a match, they just need to fall within the user specified or prefabricated parameters set forth in the configuration properties.

Join Tool: The Join tool combines two inputs based on a commonality between the two tables. It functions like a SQL join but gives the option of creating three outputs resulting from the join.

Join Multiple Tool: The Join Multiple tool combines two or more inputs based on a commonality between the input tables. Only the joined records are outputted through the tool, resulting in a wide (columned) file.

Make Group Tool: The Make Group tool takes data relationships and assembles the data into groups based on those relationships.

Union Tool: The Union tool appends multiple data streams into one unified steam. The tool accepts multiple inputs based on either field name or record position, creating a stacked output table. The user then has complete control to how these fields stack or match up.