The Laboratory category contains tools that are not for production use. They may have documented known issues, may not be feature complete, may not be backwards compatible, and are subject to change. Tools that have been updated in a more recent version of Alteryx, may no longer work in workflows created with earlier versions of Alteryx. Your feedback when using these tools is appreciated. Submit feedback to the Alteryx Community.

JSON Build Tool: The JSON Build tool takes the table schema of the JSON Parse tool and builds it back into properly formatted Java Script Object Notation.

Make Columns Tool: The Make Columns tool takes rows of data and arranges them by wrapping records into multiple columns. The user can specify how many columns to create and whether they want records to layout horizontally or vertically.

Transpose In-DB Tool: The Transpose In-DB tool pivots the orientation of a data table in an In-DB workflow. It transforms the data so you may view horizontal data fields on a vertical axis.

Visual Layout Tool: The Visual Layout tool brings together reporting elements so they can be arranged on a page and output in a report via the Render tool. It accepts multiple inputs, provides a preview of report elements, offers multiple output types and sizes, and allows for both a horizontal and vertical layout.