The Prescriptive category includes tools that assist with determining the best course of action or outcome for a particular situation or set of scenarios. It can help augment the output of predictive models by prescribing an optimal action.

Optimization Tool: The Optimization tool solves linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MILP), and quadratic programming (QP) optimization problems using matrix, manual, and file input modes.

Simulation Sampling Tool: The Simulation Sampling tool samples data parametrically from a distribution, from input data, or as a combination best fitting to a distribution. Data can also be determined if you are unsure of the parameters of a distribution and lacking data.

Simulation Scoring Tool: The Simulation Scoring tool samples from an approximation of a model object error distribution. Whereas standard scoring attempts to predict the mean predicted value, Simulation Scoring also considers the error distribution to provide a range of possible values.

Simulation Summary Tool: The Simulation Summary tool visualizes simulated distributions and results from operations on those distributions. It also provides visual and quantitative analyses of input versus output variables.