What's New

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  • Input Data Tool and Output Data Tool

    • You can now connect to a data source and output to a data source through a data connections window. You can choose from the following connections: recent, saved, files, data sources, and Alteryx Gallery. You can also drag and drop files onto the Data connections window to bring data into your workflow.
  • Python Tool

    The Python tool now has enhanced performance and data type handling due to the replacement of SQLite with YXDB as the default back-end storage format. As a result, there is also no longer a limitation of reading 2000 columns into the tool.

    Prior to 2019.2, the Python tool used SQLite as the default backend storage format. For better performance and data handling capabilities, the default storage type has been changed to use the Alteryx YXDB format, which is native to Alteryx. If your workflow was built using an older version of Alteryx, the workflows will continue to use SQLite. Alteryx recommends switching to YXDB format. Support for SQLite will be deprecated in an upcoming release.

    To use YXDB storage format:

    1. Click the Alteryx menu within the tool's configuration window
    2. Ensure Sqlite is not selected

Additional Enhancements