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Last modified: April 02, 2020



  • Management of old versions was implemented in Connect. You can now delete old versions by selecting Clean Up in Admin Menu and manage deleting of old versions by setting various parameters. You can choose from the following options: Delete older than x days, keep only x latest versions or combination of them or even delete all.
  • You can now run metadata loaders directly in Connect by selecting Connections in the Admin Menu. Added support for other technologies (MySQL, Impala, Hive, Spark, PostgreSQL).
  • Optimization of metadata loading and entry creation in Connect which resulted in increasing speed of metadata loading.
  • You can now upload metadata to Connect from HP Vertica.
  • Performance was improved for Alteryx loader which is 8 times faster now.
  • Post SQL statement to suspend warehouse after metadata harvesting was added for Snowflake loader.
  • Impala loader now supports ODBC and DSN connection strings.

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